Difference between Concentration and Klondike Solitaire

Concentration Solitaire

In this type of concentration  spider solitaire games you have to be concentrate on the card that you turned to face up. It increase your concentration power. At a time only one pair of card matched.The aim of this game is to remove all the matching pair of cards. We play it until all cards are matched.When you find out the pair of card, then remove it from the layout otherwise turned back the card. You can turned the card with your own choice. When you will remove all the cards you will be the winner.
 1-The highest marks of 130.
 2-Starting game with the 52 cards.
 3-7 points include with each pair of card matching.
 4-1 point is deducted with each pair of card missed.

Klondike Solitaire

Klondike is one of the popular solitaire card game. It is also known as Fascination and Demon Patiencehe. In the klondike solitaire total 52 cards and there are 28 cards arranged in 7 columns and remaining cards are faced down on the top of the layout. The cards are arranged into the increase order from left to right there are some rules to apply. The cards are moved to the red black manner. You can faced up each card from left top of the card.
 1-There are 7 rows with 28 cards arranged from left to       right.
 2-first row contain 1 card, second row contain tow cards,   third row contain 3 cards and so on, last seventh row   contain seven card.
 3-Remaining cards put to the faced down on the top of   the left.
 4-Aim of this game is fill up the four foundation to the to   of the right.
 5-Fill up the foundation from Ace to King.
 6-All cards have to be moved from the layout to the   foundation.